Calling All Dinosaur Fans!!

We have picked out some of our favourite dinosaur party pieces from our website so that you can host your very own dino-mite party.

Cake Toppers

These cake toppers are perfect for decorating the buffet with and they can turn even the most mundane food spreads into a Jurassic Park! They don't have to be used in cakes either, you can simply pop them into any snack to create the same effect. Or if you fancy getting adventurous, you could even create your own cocktail stick treats.


Cake Decoration


Our dinosaur cake decoration is more suitable for the main birthday cake. The happy birthday text comes with it too so this one really adds a personal touch to the party. 

Helium Balloon



What would a party be without balloons? Our helium balloons always steal the show and add the finishing touch to events and this Dinosaur Helium Balloon doesn't fail to disappoint either. You can spread them throughout the room , tie them to the back of chairs or maybe even use one for each table as a centre piece! 

Gift Bags / Wrap

Our luxury gift bags are one of our fav's! The quirky, colourful design also makes them suitable for all ages, cos we all love dinosaurs right? Don't worry about the size of your gift either because of course, we supply this bag in 3 diferent sizes! 

So there's a few of our top Dinosaur Party Products for you all. We'll also be starting to share our ideas for games and treats in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

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Product Codes

Cake Toppers - Product code 8DINOPICKS
Cake Decoration - Product code BU285-CAKETOPPERS
Helium Balloon - Product code 32250-TREXBALLOON
Gift Bag - Product code ED-81-L-GIFTBAG