Halloween Make Up Ideas

So you've got THE best Halloween Costume but now you need to complete the look? Where do you begin?!

Halloween Make Up Ideas

Your Halloween make up can either complete (or create) your entire look! Let's face it, there's no point being a gorey zombie with no blood right? So read on to see our top tips on how to get your Halloween look just right!
Get inspired this Halloween and make sure you look scarily sexy rather than simply frightful...

Halloween Make Up Guides:


Erica Mua Halloween Make Ideas Pop Art

New York based make up artist Erica Mua (On Twitter at @EricaMua) has put together a simple, step by step guide for you to create this amazing "Pop Art" themed look!

Step 1: Apply a vibrant purple eye shadow all over your lids. This look is all about over-exaggerating colour and features, so don't hold back!

Step 2: Line your eyes with bold liquid liner. Give yourself a feline flick and draw fake lashes on your lower lid.

Step 3: Shade in your brows with a black pencil to give shape to your face.

Step 4: Choose your base! You can either go for a pale foundation or give yourself an authentic white base with our cream white make up. When this has set simply draw lines to exaggerate your features. Erica has drawn on her cheek bones, chin, between the brow bones and down her nose.

Step 5: Get lippy! A bright red lip is key to this look. Line your lips with a black kohl liner to get that "cartoon effect". For extra shine, apply a layer of gloss or cheat like erica and add a touch of highlighter to your bottom lip.

Step 6: Time to get dotty! Starting along your cheek bones, paint little red dots all over your face. Don't worry about trying to get even spacing between your dots, as long as they are roughly the same size, this should look fab! We would advise using a fine make up brush and our red face paint to draw these on, but if you don't have a steady hand, you could always try a red lip liner!

Ta daa! Your look is finished.

GNO TIP: Complete your look with a neon yellow wig like Erica!

For more fab make up ideas, follow Erica on Twitter and on Instagram at @EricaMua



If you don't want to go for full on Halloween make up, why not pick one feature to exaggerate? A smokey eye or dark black lip can instantly vamp up your look... But that's too easy for you GNO girls!
Beauty Blogger, Sandra Holmbom has put together some amazing looks on her blog (Psychosandra) Our fave has to be this little beaut:

Halloweeen Make Up Ideas
Yes. That is a Lip Eye.

Halloweeen Make Up Ideas

Watch Sandra's make up tutorial below to see how to create your very own "Third Eye"!

GNO TIP: Match the colour of the made up iris to your own eye colour - it will look more real!

For more crazy Halloween ideas, check out Sandra's Blog and head to the section conveniently entitled Bloody / Psycho Make Up!


Simple Make Up Tips

  • Start off with a coloured base.... Then get crazy! Simply by changing your skin tone, you can cretae an instant Halloween look. Don't just play it safe with white... Green, purple, blue, pink, red... All different colours can be used for different Halloween Costumes.
  • When you're choosing your lipstick, experiment! Colours such as Black, red, purple, blue and green can suddenly look totally normal at Halloween.
    Take it one step further by a pllying a glossy top coat or by lining your lips in a contrasting colour.

  • False eyelashes are essential for dramatically changing your look! Step away from your normal "girly nights out" lashes and go bold! flamboyant feathers or colourful lashes can be a simple way of transforming your look and are easily removeable!


How to Apply Fake Blood

Depending on your chosen Halloween costume, a little bit of blood can go a long way! A sexy school girl costume can suddenly become totally spooky with a trickle of blood coming from your mouth.

FYI, the following outfits WILL all require blood to look totally authentic:

  • Vampires
  • Monsters
  • Zombies.
  • Especially Zombies

 Halloween Nails

Look spooktacular from Tip to Toe!

Whether you go for simple Halloween colours, or get creative with our Nail Art Set... Halloween Nails are a MUST!

Halloween Nail Art - Halloween Costumes - Girly Nights Out