Zombie Costume Ideas for Halloween Fancy Dress

Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary.... 28 Days Later... All that remained at GNO HQ, was this:

Zombie Halloween Costume Ideas - Girly Nights Out Fancy Dress

Get Zombie-fied this Halloween with our Halloween Make Up, Crazy Contact lenses and Fake Blood! Our Zombie Halloween Costumes are perfect for All Hallows Eve... Don't get scared now...

What to Wear:

Finally! It really is a case of 'The messier the better" - this is one costume that your mum is REALLY going to hate...

  • The Look: Ripped, Shredded and torn, ragged edges and stained clothing
    Shred your clothes! A tear here and there is so simple to do, but will make all the difference to your Zombie costume. Complete the look with our White Stockings with Blood
  • Tips:
    1) You're probably not going to want (or be able!) to wear your Zombie costume again. So choose your clothes wisely! Your favourite LBD? Probably not a good option...

    2) Protect your modesty! Think carefully before you get scissor happy... One false move and you may find that you have become a Zombie Prostitute! (Ah, another great costume idea from Girly Nights Out!

    3) Layer up! Rip black fishnet tights, mis-matching bloody gloves and 'holey' jackets will all add to your gorey look.

The Zombie Essentials:

Zombie Halloween Costumes - Fancy Dress Ideas - Girly Nights Out

Clockwise L to R:
White Bloodstained Stockings, Black Hair Spray, White Face paint, Gel Blood, Black Contact Lenses, Tartan Min Skirt.

Zombie Hair and Make Up:

Zombie Make Up - Girly Nights Out Fancy Dress

How to be a Zombie!

It's all about the hair and make up when it comes to be a zombie! Here are the key items that you will need to look like death warmed up:

1) White face paint - Zombies are dead and there aint no fake bake in Hell! Get a deathly pale look with our white cream make up. It's the perfect base for Zombie Make Up. If you can't bare to go too white, try a grey shadow to create creepy, "mouldy" skin. You could even mix in a bit of our metallic silver face paint for an extra spooky effect.

2) Black Eye Shadow - With this look it's actually ok to have dark circles! Go heavy with your eye make up and ring your eyes for extra definition.

3) Fake Blood - We love our gel blood as it is easy to apply! Add as little or as much as you dare to get the look that you are after. A small 'trickle' of blood from the nostril or mouth will look really creepy...

4) Lipstick - Red Lipstick will make your mouth look blood stained but black lipstick looks extra ghoulish. Simply pick the colour that matches your look...

5) Contact Lenses - For an extra finishing touch, our creepy Halloween contact lenses will really freak everybody out.

Our 3 Step guide to being a Zombie:

Zombie Make Up - Halloween Costume Ideas - Girly Nights Out

White Face Paint Base - Add contours with Black Eye Shadow - Add Fake Blood!

The great thing about being a "Zombie" is that anything goes! Simply put the word 'Zombie' in front of your fancy dress and you have Halloween sorted...  Just add Blood and Go! (See our amazing list below!)

Here are some brilliant Zombie Costume ideas for you to try:

  • Zombie Alice in Wonderland
  • Zombie American Indian
  • Zombie Bride
  • Zombie Cheerleader
  • Zombie Convict
  • Zombie Cavewoman
  • Zombie Clown
  • Zombie Doctor
  • Zombie Dorothy
  • Zombie Doll
  • Zombie Frenchmaid
  • Zombie Golfer
  • Zombie Harajuku Girl
  • Zombie Lifeguard
  • Zombie Mummy
  • Zombie Monster
  • Zombie Nurse
  • Zombie Pirate
  • Zombie School Girl
  • Zombie Sailor
  • Zombie Smurf
  • Zombie Vampire
  • Zombie Wheres Wally
  • Zombie


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Happy Halloween!